XXL Champion Valkyrie Throw Pink Edition

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Notice: Stamps will be randomly picked, unless otherwise indicated in the item Notes.

Throw Pink is all about empowering women, so when it came to a new Throw Pink inspired XXL disc, the Valkyrie was the perfect fit.

Named after the revered female figures from Norse mythology, the Valkyrie disc – with its neutral flying characteristics – has been a perennial favorite for disc golfers of all ages.

More about this batch:

  • Pretty flat
  • Beginner friendly weights


The goal is to create an empowered female character that was worthy of the Valkyrie name. That’s definitely the case here.

More on Throw Pink:

$2 from each purchase supports Throw Pink's initiatives to encourage more women and girls into a lifetime of healthy recreation through the game of disc golf. Throw Pink events around the globe raise funds for women's health-related charities. Visit Throwpink.com for details.