XXL Modern Grid Yeti Pro Aviar

The Grid. A Digital Frontier

We’ve all seen the throwback Aviar grid stamp that has populated the DX Classic Aviar and the past DGU XXL Aviars.

It’s a classic stamp, but we thought it was time for a reimagined, modernized version with an XXL sized imprint.

We think you’ll find it visually compelling and deliciously symmetrical. This quote from the movie Tron Legacy sums up this release well:

“What does this user deserve? Might I suggest, perhaps, the challenge of The Grid?” 


More about the disc:Yeti Pro Aviar

Flight: The Yeti Pro Aviar is a straight flying putter that works well on the course too. We've developed the Yeti in a firm, grippy blend of Pro blend of plastic. The unique slightly concave top allows for a lower profile and a straighter flight than our other big bead models.

How this run feels: Tacky grip. Most flight plates are slightly concave with some appearing noticeably more concave or “Yeti-fied”.