XXL Prehistoric Roc USDGC Champion Roc

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Disc colors, stamps and serial numbers will be randomly selected for all collector series releases. This is to ensure a more fair distribution of rare and more desirable discs.

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More About the Stamp Design and Artist Eric Beich:

For artist Eric Beich, what separates the Innova Roc image from just another bird, has got to be the face.

“A body can convey certain things, but the face gives more expression,” said Beich, whose XXL Prehistoric Roc design shows a close-up of the mythical bird’s head.

It will be featured in this year’s third USDGC Champion Roc release.

Focusing on just the bird's head, Beich was able to supply incredible detail. Picking up the disc, you can see a very intent look in the Roc’s eye. As if you’re in between him and his next meal.

Beich said he was trying to convey some Roc “attitude” and at the same time show a creature that was ‘on a mission.’

“I think it looks pretty serious, like "I'm here, let's do this!” said Beich.  


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