XXL Zen Luster Champion Lion

Note: Stamp Colors will be randomly selected. 

You can almost hear the ferocious roar. That’s how powerful this new design feels.

Any way you look at the yin-yang-type Lion arrangement, the design is simply bad-ass. Even the Lion logo was arranged so that it could be read from either side. Pure awesome!

*All discs are 180 grams

How It Flies:

If you like the flight of the Champion Roc3 but not the initial over-stability, the Lion is for you. In mild conditions, it gives you surefire straight shots without the fear of flipping over.

It’s Great For: Throwing any kind of line, even anhyzer without having to throw your whole back into it.

Feel: Grippy, softer Champion with some flex and a beautiful luster sheen... what’s not to like?