Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

XXL Zen Star Rat

The warehouse is crawling with Rats… XXL Zen Innova Star Rats, that is. Ready to gnaw their way through any course, this Innova Rat will do wonders for anyone’s mid-range game, especially your forehand.

More about the stamp: Designed by Marm O. Set in our familiar Zen Series, Yin-Yang type pose, these ravenous rodents look like they’re ready to take a bite into one another. Make sure your Zen Series collection is complete with the Innova Rat.   

***Important: Stamp Color will be randomly picked. Please note any stamp preferences in “Item Notes” section. Keep in mind, though, we cannot guarantee availability.

How this batch feels: Optimum Star grip. Feels outstanding in the hand.

173-175: Most are board flat.

170-172: Range from flat to modest dome.

Flight Numbers: 4 / 2 / 0 / 3

More about the Rat: It’s a low-profile, overstable, beadless mid-range. Add the flat top and the Rat could be the most comfortable sidearm approach disc around. Rip it forehand and it’ll fly straight with a predictable fade at the tail end. The backhand grip feels just as good with a flight just as predictable.