Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

AceMan Star Charger

The first throw Kalevi “Aceman” Louhivuori made with the Star Charger found chains. Now it’s your turn to capture some of that magic with this special edition Aceman disc.

How this batch of Star Charger feels: Modest to noticeable dome. 160-164 weight are poppy. Surefire Star grip.

From Box to Ace: It’s true. The very first throw Aceman made with the Star Charger was a 232-foot hole-in-one at his backyard course in Porvoo, Finland. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

Ace Academy: The video is a part of his Ace Academy YouTube channel where you’ll find all sorts of videos featuring him doing challenges, playing with friends and disc golf celebrities, and of course making aces.

This all began during the pandemic when he delved deeper into disc golf and decided to make light-hearted videos to spread cheer during a dark time.

More about the stamp: So we know why an ace is featured on the disc, but what about the trumpet? When he’s not making ace videos, Louhivuori is a full-time musician, specifically a trumpet player as well a composer. His band, the Northern Governors, opened for Nora Jones at the 2012 Pori Jazz Festival in Finland. Check out this video of the performance. You can’t miss Louhivuori in his amazing yellow suite.

Aceman to the rescue: Louhivuori has been a fan of superheroes, specifically Superman, since he was small. So, coming up with the Aceman moniker felt pretty natural. Here’s a cool comic-like explanation of Aceman.

More about the disc: The Innova Charger is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver that unloads a big hit on the fairway. During mild and tailwind conditions you’ll experience a very fast, straight flight, followed by slight turn, and ending with reliable fade. Louhivuori says he uses the Charger particularly for woodsy situations when he doesn’t want too much fade, but still needs to crank one out to 400-feet and beyond. Here’s another sweet Charger shot by Aceman. This time, he throws it forehand.

Charger Flight Numbers: 13 / 5 / -1 / 2

Aceman Event: Louhivuori says he’s planning an Aceman Invitational after the European Open in July in Espoo, Finland where he plans to release more Aceman Chargers and announce that a 9-hole children’s course is being sent to Ukraine.